Earth Tribe

We have long been living in a suppressed society, in a box of normality. Through media and daily news, society teaches us what we are supposed to be with an illusion of a perfect life in order to keep us in control. As if we are amputated, we are unable to reach our full potential, we lose the capability to create beautiful things, the ability to love, give and care for other beings, the ability to just be "human". We live in fear, fear of not having enough, fear of something being taken away. We treat each other like we are more superior and we become the creature of hatred and greed and fill our society with tears, blood and war. The earth is suffering, land & sea creatures are dying and some are facing extinction. We are rapidly losing all the elements needed to survive, to our own greed and unconscious living.

Earth Tribe is a small project inspired from what I describe as the awakening of our generation. Many people consider themselves spiritual but not religious as they journey down a spiritual part, inward within themselves and learn what they are capable of being. Increasingly independent artists, scientists, media and individuals are spreading awareness about the truth of various industries we are living amongst and offer new ideas and inspiration for a growing awareness in the world.

One little step every day can make a difference. Earth tribe is a gateway for me to fund projects, support small-nonprofit organisations and animal sanctuaries I have carefully selected.

From the information I have gathered so far, I currently support groups that are saving the amazon, the ocean, endangered species, animal lives and focusing on deforestation, agriculture and global warming.

If you are a minimalist or just don't feel like shopping on Earth Tribe, a small donation will go a long way if you have spare dollars. However, the best thing you can do is to learn and educate yourself about problems our generation is facing then spread the knowledge. There is plenty of great information out there like documentaries and podcasts. You can attend seminars, find communities or events in your area that you can participate and help, the possibilities are endless. If you have money to spare, then making a donation straight to the organisation that speaks to your heart and support people that are putting themselves on the line for the greater good. A few dollars make a huge impact in a third world country.

Lastly, thank you for being here. As the collective consciousness is growing, from dot to dot we connect, we grow, we heal and save each other. With each and every person we connect the whole collective expands. I am truly humbled and grateful to be witnessing this beautiful cycle with you.

So join the tribe, we need each other.

Sending so much love & gratitude your way,